Getting the Data You Need in the Screening Process

Getting the Data You Need in the Screening Process

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As a leader in medical market research recruiting, Focus Insite works with screeners day in and day out. With this experience, we have gained valuable insight into the process and identified ways to maximize screeners – getting both the information you want and the information you need. 

Prioritize Criteria

Every study needs a particular type of participant, and it’s easy to create a picture on paper of your ideal candidate. Unfortunately, that perfect candidate doesn’t always exist, or at least not in the number you need. 

Prepare for potential issues with recruitment by prioritizing your qualifying criteria. Determine what items are “must-haves” and what items are “nice-to-haves.” For example, is the number of hours a doctor works more important than the number of patients that doctor sees?

Once you have put your criteria in order of importance, share that information with your recruiting team so everyone is on the same page. 

Shorten and Simplify

Long screeners are tedious to fill out, especially for busy medical professionals. It’s always a good idea to consult with expert recruiters to identify anywhere you can shorten and simplify the screening process. Prioritizing your criteria before this consult will help make cuts without losing any critical data.

A short but effective screener will still net you the participants you need without burning out your respondents before they ever get to the study. 

Use a Dual Screening Process

When you keep the initial screening short, you can add a few additional questions to get more information about the re-screening process. Multiple choice questions work best for the first round of questions, while open-ended questions will yield more fruit when personally asked by an expert recruiter. 

The dual-screening approach is a tried-and-true method proven to deliver qualified candidates who are excited to participate.

Find an Experienced Recruiting Partner

To get the data you need, you want a team of recruiters who is efficient and effective. A qualified team will quickly and carefully gather the information you requested. 

Like the one at Focus Insite, a creative and driven team will also use their experience and expertise to identify when to ask follow-up questions to get a clearer picture of each candidate. 

For a successful study, it’s essential to maximize the screening process, enabling you to get the right people for your project. 

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