At Focus Insite, we are passionate about partnering with qualified respondents and getting our clients optimum results, which is why we put a premium on clear communication. Below are some of the questions we’re most frequently asked. Get the FAQs here, and contact us with any additional questions you may have. Our team is eager to speak with you!

What exactly is a focus group?

Major corporations spend millions of dollars on the production and marketing of new products. In order to maximize their return on investment (ROI), they test-market the product to gauge its viability. Focus groups, comprised of people who meet the demographics of the product’s target audience, provide critical information that will affect various aspects of the product from how it is made to how it is packaged. When you participate in a focus group, you are compensated to provide your honest reactions and opinions.

How do I get into your database?

We are always looking to add members to our panel and encourage you to submit your contact information. Simply visit FocusInsite.com and click on Participate in a Study to sign up.

Can I be in more than one database?

Yes! When you go to the Participate in a Study page on our site, you’ll see five buttons that correspond to studies we commonly conduct. Simply choose the study (or studies) that best describes you: Medical Professionals, Patients & Caregivers, Shoppers & Consumers, Technical Professionals, or Business Professionals. You may fit into more than one of these categories.

Can I tell my friends and family?

Absolutely! We need people of all ages and backgrounds from across the country for a variety of studies.

When will I get paid? 

After completing the study, you will receive your incentive via email with a link to select the digital payment of your choice. You will have the option to select a gift card from a large assortment of vendors, including a Visa or Mastercard prepaid digital card option. You will also have the option to donate your incentive to one of the many charities listed on the website. You can expect to receive your email for payment shortly after completing the study. Some studies are conducted over a few weeks and payments may be distributed after every respondent has completed the study. You may consult with your project manager for details.

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I earn?

When you participate in a focus group, you are usually paid by the firm that recruited you for the study; therefore, you are considered a contract worker. The only time a company will require you to submit a W-9 (IRS form requesting tax identification) is when your income from that company will exceed $600.00 in a given year. All study participation payments would be considered earnings and you should consult with a tax professional on how these should be reported.

This sounds awesome! Can I be a professional focus group participant?

Wouldn’t that be the life, especially when food is involved!?! Unfortunately, most companies limit respondents to one consumer focus group or study every six months. They want to hear from a variety of people. Medical studies, however, are a bit different as they typically do not have as stringent past participation limitations.

How do I learn about current studies?

First, get into our database and provide your information as thoroughly as possible. Please give us your best phone number and an email address you use frequently. We use MailChimp to distribute information about new studies. Make sure your email server does not send our emails to your spam folder. Please whitelist FocusInsite.com to ensure you receive emails from our team.

We launch new studies every day! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also find our latest opportunities on our website.

I’m in your database but have yet to receive information about a study. Why?

To ensure you get to participate in a study, complete the database fields thoroughly. Did you provide your best phone number and an email address?

I’m in your database. Now what?

If you look like a potential match for a particular study, you’ll receive an email inviting you to complete a qualifying survey. The survey allows us to determine if you are a fit for the specific requirements, which are different for every study. If you fit the study’s requirements, we’ll call you for a screening. During our call, we will ask you to answer a select number of survey questions to ensure you are fully qualified to proceed to selection. Sometimes we need expanded answers to certain questions. The study sponsor will then choose a limited number of respondents to participate in the study. If you are chosen, we will call you to schedule your session.

I’ve completed a number of surveys but have yet to get picked for a study. Why?

Do not be discouraged if you have not yet been selected to participate in a study. We can receive as many as 10,000 responses for our consumer studies and simply cannot respond to everyone who is not chosen to participate. Each study has very specific requirements and there may have been other responses that met more of those requirements.

The best way to get into one of our studies is to completely fill out and answer all questions on the qualifying survey to the best of your ability. You should also visit our website and Facebook page regularly to see the latest studies for which we are recruiting.

I have been scheduled to participate in a study, when will I get a confirmation?

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours of being scheduled. Be sure to check your spam filters and allow all emails from focusinsite.com. It is important to reply to the confirmation email as soon as possible in order to secure your spot in the study.

Do I have to be on time for this focus group?

YES! In fact, arrive 15 minutes early to complete any required paperwork!

We strongly advise you to allow plenty of time to account for traffic and other incidents that could pop up on the day of your study. Once the group begins, you will not be allowed to enter, therefore, you will not be paid.

We are depending on you! If you are chosen to participate in a phone or web-based interview, be certain you are able to participate on the scheduled day at the scheduled time, in a quiet environment, as it’s nearly impossible to find a replacement at the last minute. Canceling, failing to show, or failure to complete assignments associated with your study will mean we will not be able to invite you for future study opportunities.

Is there a dress code for study participants?

We recommend business casual. Whether attending in-person or via video conference, it’s always best to be neat and presentable. Think of this as a job interview.

What should I bring to the focus group?

Bring your photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc.) and eyeglasses or reading glasses if you need them. If you are a medical professional participating in a medical study, you will need your work ID.

Can my friend/spouse/partner/child enter the session with me? 

No! Only the respondents are admitted to the study session. The presence of friends, relatives, or non-participants could skew responses. For this reason, we usually avoid scheduling relatives in the same study.

I want to share this opportunity with my friends. What’s the best way to do that?

Thank you! We are always looking to increase our panel membership. Simply send friends to our website. We have a fun commercial that explains market research. We’d love it if you shared this link with your network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbs7757lutI!

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