Case Studies

Case Studies

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the perspective when it comes to patient care, both in the hospital and at home. We have seen an increasing number of studies looking for insight into how to make care routinely received at a medical facility accessible to patients at home. This particular study aimed to understand the viewpoints of both professionals and patients familiar with injections administered via a subcutaneous injection device.

Focus Insite was charged with finding a number of registered nurses (RNs) available to go in-person for device testing, as well as locating an equal number of patients with varying medical conditions to test the device in their homes during a moderated video session. 

Once our medical team understood the qualifications and specific criteria for the project, they got to work choosing the best fits from our expansive medical database, as well as reaching out to new individuals to widen the pool of eligible respondents. 

Cara Sosnoski utilized her background in pharmaceuticals to pinpoint hospital and medical locations near the study site that provided the necessary number of infusions to patients on a regular basis. Once identified, she contacted the employees we already had in our database to get started, and solicited leads and referrals to find a qualified RN for each and every spot in the study. 

On the patient side, our expert research team, led by Elizabeth Spence, used advanced and innovative search techniques to identify individuals with the targeted medical conditions, without sacrificing anyone’s privacy. We maximized our efforts with LinkedIn, social media, and support groups, finding and capitalizing on a strong network among patients that led to many referrals and an outstanding show rate. 

Once the study concluded, both the participants and the client were pleased with the results and felt like the collected data will make an impact on the future of patient care.

The team at Focus Insite routinely proves that they have earned their status as the leader in qualitative medical market research recruitment. Thanks to the strong relationships they have formed with medical professionals and patients across the nation, they are ready to meet any project head-on.

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The most common challenge Focus Insite faces when recruiting for a qualitative market research study is selecting respondents who meet our clients’ very specific criteria. This is where we excel. Clients typically provide surveys designed to screen candidates in a scientific manner, and often we assist with the process. We refer to these surveys as screeners, and they are the means by which we filter potential respondents. 

Although they made clear the qualities they sought in respondents for their ITDM study (information technology decision maker), a new client presented us with a new challenge. They submitted a simple screener that was subjective in nature. They needed a recruiting firm capable of taking the ball and running with it, and they came to the right place. 

We put Rockstar Project Manager Ashley Nettleton on the case. Ashley recognized immediately that the client wanted a technical recruiter whose hands they did not have to hold. She dug in her heels and put her team to work identifying IT professionals that filled the client’s need and would provide valuable feedback during the IDI (in-depth interview) research process. Mindful of the trust placed in her, Ashley created specific protocols for her team to re-screen candidates, ensuring the client would have the best of the best. The process was simultaneously arduous and invigorating because it involved contacting respondents personally, several times, and often using several channels of communication—email, phone, and text. In addition, to maintain the integrity of a technical study involving IT professionals, Focus Insite requires these respondents to show proof of employment. 

The Focus Insite team recruited and scheduled 30 respondents for the initial phase of the ITDM project, an online diary. From there, the client worked with Focus Insite to select 15 of those respondents to participate in the IDI, and then conducted a second IDI with the same group.

Impressed with our performance, the client partnered with us to recruit for a Computer Work Study, which was Part B to the ITDM study. A larger project, this study involved people who work from home on a computer yet met specific conditions. Though technical in nature because it involved computer workers, respondents worked in various fields, not necessarily IT. Like the ITDM project, the computer study was interactive with many moving parts, including a second phase that involved half the initial respondents. Needless to say, the relationship with this client had begun to gel.

Unbeknown to Ashley at the time, her main contact sent this message via email to our CEO:

Happily working along with our two projects and wanted to approach you for a third—this is an unrelated project on Leadership.

Thank you—your team is doing a fantastic job, particularly Ashley!

The Focus Insite team celebrated this fabulous feedback with virtual high fives, and Ashley’s team got right to work recruiting for the client’s third consecutive project with us, a Leadership Study. For this IDI, the client wanted leaders from three different disciplines who were responsible for making snap decisions and managing others. Respondents were front line leaders in retail or call centers, high-stakes leaders working as first responders, EMTs, law enforcement, or the military, and high-ranking corporate leaders. To ensure the client had the best pool of respondents, Ashley emailed hundreds of leaders, asking specific questions to determine whether they were a good fit. “I wanted to go the extra mile because of the specific nature of this study,” she said.

Ashley’s efforts resulted in these comments from members of the client’s research team:

The people you find for us continue to amaze us and be treasure troves of information. Thank you for all of your help finding us some incredible people!

Testimonials like these inspire us to work harder. Making sure our clients have the right respondents for their studies is crucial. So much is on the line, as qualitative market research is the first step in product development, advertising decisions, risk reduction, and opportunity discovery. Regardless of the size of the study or the client with which we partner, we always commit to bringing our A game. Whether you have an immediate need or want information for a future project, contact Focus Insite at

In an effort to hone their marketing efforts, a global soft drink company sought to gather data on the attitudes and buying patterns of older consumers from around the world. Managing multiple languages, locations, and time zones presented a unique challenge. Focus Insite was the SPOC solution (single point of contact).   

Thanks so much for the outstanding recruiting and taking care of all the moving parts on this one—you guys rocked it! – Teresa D, Client

Within ten days, we recruited, scheduled, and coordinated a study involving respondents from five countries, speaking multiple languages, with moderators hosting interviews in China, Mexico, and the UK—three different time zones. We also managed the proofreading of all transcriptions, translations, homework and interviews.

We obtained a 98% show rate; only two respondents needed to be rescheduled. Our yeoman’s effort led the sponsor to extend the study by a week, so they could dive deeper, gathering insights from additional respondents in select markets. The sponsor collected valuable data and a better understanding of their target audience.

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A popular US-based company that specializes in personal hygiene products was conducting research on the feasibility of developing sanitary surface wipes, a product new to their line. For the sake of this article, we will refer to the company as PHP. While surface wipes are already produced by a number of companies, the market is not flooded, and the 2020 pandemic sent demand soaring. Price point, product specs, and distribution were among the data PHP sought to gather. Ultimately, they wanted to understand the product’s post pandemic staying power and how to best differentiate theirs.

The detailed study was aimed at gathering specific information from four unique medical sectors: infection prevention and control in acute care hospitals; physicians and physicians’ office managers; dentists, orthodontists, and dental office managers; and directors of nursing and environmental services in long-term care. 

Our challenge was to fill this study with more than five dozen respondents who fell into one of the four professional categories and met very specific criteria outlined by PHP. The project stretched our already deep medical database to its limits, so Focus Insite did what any forward-thinking organization would do—we dug a deeper pool of respondents. 

Thinking innovatively, Trina Minogue, Director of Healthcare at Focus Insite, mobilized her team and tapped into our network of medical professionals to get leads and referrals, maximizing outreach through LinkedIn, professional associations, and nursing homes. In came the leads like dominoes. Our medical database has robust subsections, including experts in infectious disease, long-term care, and infection prevention and control within acute care hospitals. We met the challenge by expanding our qualitative market research recruitment bandwidth, enabling us to further serve our many clients in the medical research space. Most importantly, the study was completed seamlessly with a 95% show rate. 

The project manager at PHP was extremely pleased with the quality of respondents, calling them “insightful and thoughtful.” 

The Focus Insite team is committed to maintaining our status as the leader in qualitative market research recruitment, which means being the best to attract the best. Whether you need to speak with infectious disease specialists in this era of Covid-19 or have special challenges involving any medical, technical, consumer, or B2B study, we are armed, ready, and eager to work with you. Simply email your request to

When a large-scale medical supplier needed input from professionals in the field to enhance their equipment and software products, they turned to Focus Insite. We conducted a requirements assessment to develop the screening questions for a series of studies that would yield data valuable to the organization’s R&D.     

Walking the client through our services and nine-point recruiting process [link to page on site or sales pdf] alleviated their stress. Satisfaction followed when we filled, at a 98% show rate, each three-day testing session with qualified respondents. The average recruiting window for each project was two weeks and all sessions were completed successfully within the scheduling parameters.

As a result, the client’s product development teams attained the research they needed to improve features and functionality of products they supply to hospitals, clinics, and laboratories around the world. 

Having cut our teeth in medical recruiting years ago, Focus Insite has a robust nationwide panel of medical professionals covering a range of specialties. Given our proactive curation of support group relationships, we also recruit patients and caregivers for a variety of chronic medical conditions and illnesses. Contact a Focus Insite team member today to fill your study on time and within budget.

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