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We offer qualitative market research recruitment for ConsumerMedicalB2BB2C, and IT studies. To receive a quote or learn more about our services, complete this form or email


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Your Project Includes...

Project Kick-Off Meeting

A great opportunity to start the research off right! We also clarify any screener questions and identify the date of the first grid update.

Dedicated Project Manager

Not only do you have a single go-to person for your recruiting, we also assign a back up project manager in case of any illness or emergency.

Daily Updates

We provide daily updates to ensure you are always on top of the latest information and never left wondering about the status of your project.

Re-screening & Scheduling

We take care of it all, with an initial online screen and a second phone re-screening and scheduling, to ensure highly qualified respondents.

Respondent Confirmation

We require all respondents to actively respond to our formal Confirmation Email to ensure they have all the information about the time and format of their session.

Reminders & Organization

24 hours prior to the interview time we re-confirm all respondents’ intention to attend and that they have all of the required information and materials.

We Handle All Follow-Ups

If there are asynchronous platforms or lagging respondents online, we make sure to follow up to achieve the highest completion rates in the industry.

Cancellation & Replacement

It happens – sometimes respondents, for one reason or another, have to cancel.  We will schedule replacement respondents whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your recruiting process?

We have a recruiting process designed to ensure quality and high participation rates for your qualitative market research study. Our nine-point service guarantee includes a dedicated project manager, project kick-off meeting, daily updates, and confirmation and reminder protocols. Our methods have successfully filled various study types with a high satisfaction rate.

How does Focus Insite differentiate itself from other recruiters?

We hold ourselves to a high standard at Focus Insite. Our recruiting protocols are designed to recruit high-quality and dependable participants for every study. We personalize your experience with transparent communication and virtual video calls so you are never left wondering about the status of your projects.

Focus Insite serves as a single point of contact for both domestic and international recruitment, moderation, transcription, and translation services. We make it easy for you to focus on the research activities that you do best  without having to worry about having the right respondents in place.

Can you recruit nationwide and internationally?

Our Philadelphia-based headquarters have facilitated studies across the globe.  For example, we successfully completed a complex project for a multinational soft drink company. Despite the challenges posed by multiple locations, time zones, and languages, we achieved a remarkable 98% show rate in record time. The client expressed their gratitude, stating, “Thanks so much for the outstanding recruiting and taking care of all the moving parts on this one—you guys rocked it!” 

How do I save time and money with Focus Insite?

Our streamlined process for finding the right people to fill your qualitative market research project saves you time and money. We identify, call, screen, and schedule respondents. To ensure high show rates, we send out reminders and verify participation via our two-step confirmation protocol.

Experience a complimentary discovery call and business consultation with us. While working with Focus Insite, our clients have been in a better position to expand their businesses. Our high quality respondents and exemplary show rates translate into your clients’ highest satisfaction. You will be able to conduct more research, on time and within budget, with fewer headaches. Several of our regular clients have also been able to expand their research scope into additional difficult to recruit areas, such as technology. We specifically built our company to reduce your stress!

I’ve heard of Focus Insite, but I thought you only handled medical studies?

Although Focus Insite was borne of a need to fill medical studies with qualified doctors, nurses, and other professionals in the field, as well as with patients and caregivers, we simultaneously began filling consumer, B2B, and technical studies. Reliable, expedient, and affordable, we’ve become the go-to qualitative market research recruitment firm for a variety of industries. Our ever-growing database consists of diverse, qualified respondents and subject matter experts. Today, we also offer translation and transcription, and moderation services. 

What languages can you translate?

At Focus Insite, we offer comprehensive translation services to and from English, covering a vast range of languages. Our team is capable of translating various types of documents, from technical to medical, among others. Additionally, we also specialize in transcribing and translating audio and video content into English. You can count on us to deliver high-quality translations on time and within your budget. 

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