About Us

Our Story

Experiences are the building blocks of our life’s vocation. Jim Jacobs unwittingly arranged his blocks in a manner that laid the perfect foundation for Focus Insite. Having enjoyed success in the media and real estate industries, Jim was no stranger to the benefits of qualitative research, and initially became involved in the industry as a respondent. Before long, he was helping field studies and finally launched Focus Insite in 2016. 

Today, Focus Insite is a leader in qualitative market research recruitment, specializing in consumer, B2B, medical, patient & caregiver, and technical studies with sights set on being the go-to recruiting company for every industry.

Focus Insite recognizes that great customer experience begins with brand ambassadors—our team of qualified recruiters, project managers, and relationship managers. Because learning is a lifelong endeavor, we invest in our team, offering online courses through a variety of vendors. We want to hire the best, and we want our employees to be better off as a result of their experience at Focus Insite. These efforts are reflected in our positive corporate culture.

Passion for employee development is also one of the main drivers behind Focus Insite’s steady growth, including our unprecedented doubling in size during the 2020 pandemic.

Translation & Transcription are the latest services to be added to the Focus Insite repertoire. Our proprietary brands represent each of our specialty areas.

Our Brands

Focus Insite is the parent organization of the proprietary brands that represent our services.

Opinion Chimp is our brand associated with consumer and B2B studies. We fill projects with ideal respondents for optimum results.

Get Paid Medical represents our medical study division—home to medical professionals, caregivers and patients, and organizations looking to recruit them.

Transcription Café is the place to go for turning audio and video into text, and for translating documents and audio from any language into English or vice versa.

Our Mission

Focus Insite strives to be the industry leader in qualitative market research recruitment today. Our vision for tomorrow is to be the go-to for any industry looking to recruit SMEs (subject matter experts). You supply the project. We supply the people!

Like a compass, the four points of our Core Values put Focus Insite, our partners, and our panel members on the path to success. We believe:

Our Leadership Team

Jim Jacobs

CEO / Founder

Focus Insite’s steady growth validates Jim’s mantra: “Get the best talent you can and winning will take care of itself.” Spoken like a true coach, which he is. When Jim’s not working, he’s on the ice either coaching or playing hockey. Jim is a devoted husband and the father of three boys who keep him running, which might be the impetus for his daily commitment to CrossFit training.

Liana Wood

Director of Operations

Despite being a die-hard New York Giants fan, Jim relies on Liana to handle operations. Like a rock star who plays every instrument, Liana seamlessly manages multiple projects, puts out five-alarm fires, and meets deadlines while teeing up “Frozen” for her toddlers to watch. Liana brings to Focus Insite a rich background in project and people management, as well as marketing and research analytics.

Judy DeLaney

Senior VP of Business Development

Judy’s military training, coupled with her successful career in IT, has served the organization well. Having been with Focus Insite from the start, Judy created processes, established protocols, and continues to build solid partnerships. It’s no surprise that she is an experienced Rubik’s Cuber and speed-cubist (it’s a thing!). Who would have guessed that she’s also an avid scuba diver and former instructor, with over 1,000 dives logged around the world? Judy also boasts an IMDb profile.

Kristina Schuenke

Chief Financial Officer

Kristina is an astute finance professional with extensive experience in portfolio management and compliance. She brings Wall Street savvy and a unique set of leadership skills to Focus Insite. When she’s not crunching numbers, Kristina is playing tennis or listening to hard rock bands.

Trina Minogue

Director of Healthcare Services

As the Director of Healthcare Services, Trina Minogue applies more than two decades of pharmaceutical and medical specialties experience to Focus Insite’s medical research recruiting. Trina is a former GlaxoSmithKline exec, well-versed in the current healthcare climate, medical research initiatives, and marketing focus groups for healthcare professionals. When she’s not assisting clients with their projects, Trina is tending to her family or her floral garden, or on the tennis court perfecting her serve.