The Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Studies and Recruitment

The Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Studies and Recruitment

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A year into the Covid-19 pandemic has made most of weary. Our lives and patterns continue to be disrupted, and the fits and starts can be confusing. Medical researchers and healthcare providers have worked tirelessly to try and stay one step ahead of this virus and its variants. Learning more about this virus, and all sorts of other types of medically-related topics, requires research and medical studies. Finding people to participate in such studies is one of Focus Insite’s core strengths. We have a dedicated medical recruitment team that is skilled at finding qualified participants and managing the additional layers of privacy measures that must be in place.

We’ve recruited for hundreds of medical and healthcare studies and act as the intermediary between the researcher and participant. We have relationships with companies worldwide that work in medical research. Clients, who we’ve recruited for in the past, understand what a nationwide recruitment agency’s role is and what a recruiting firm does and doesn’t do. If your medical research team is looking to recruit for an upcoming healthcare or medical study, let’s look at the role of the recruiter.

What a Recruiting Firm Does for Medical Studies

The role of a recruiting firm is to find the best-qualified participants for a medical study. Once a pool of candidates is identified, the recruiter verifies qualifications, arranges schedules, and handles payments. The recruiting agency works closely with clients to suggest fair incentives. Proper incentives ensure smoother recruiting and retention! Recruiting firms are also the point of contact between the client and participant, and manage last-minute substitutions and no-shows. Recruiting for medical and healthcare studies has additional privacy protocols and procedures that need to be followed, and working with a medical recruitment agency will ensure that your study is compliant. Once a medical study has been completed and the data gathered, you’ll want to ensure that your transcription services also fulfill privacy requirements for medically sensitive information.

What a Recruiting Firm Doesn’t do for Medical Studies

Recruiting firms are not the researchers, so they don’t know the particulars of the type of person who needs to be recruited until told. Recruiters don’t create the screening guide, but do rely on it for recruiting. When partnering with an experienced medical recruitment firm, you’ll be offered suggestions and made aware of challenges and potential barriers, based on past recruiting experience, but you, as the client, remain in the driver’s seat.

Focus Insite has already recruited for a number of Covid studies, and continue to recruit for a variety of other medical and healthcare studies. Whether your study requires talking with medical professionals or patients, our recruiting teams are experienced in matching the right people for each study.

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