Recruiting for COVID-19 Vaccine and Research Studies

Recruiting for COVID-19 Vaccine and Research Studies

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As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, there is a glimmer of hope: Pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, are inching closer to viable vaccines. As medical research companies race to develop therapeutics that can lessen the severity of Covid-19, or even prevent it altogether, the pressure will be on to find populations to recruit for the medical studies to test the various remedies.

Recruiting patients and general populations to participate in medical studies is similar to recruiting for qualitative market research studies, but there’s a catch.Medical studies target more specialized populations, and there are additional privacy protocols that recruiters need to be aware of. Given these additional layers, there are limited numbers of recruiting agencies that can effectively recruit for medical and healthcare studies.

While many people are familiar with the big companies that dominate medical research, there are hundreds of smaller biotech companies that also provide valuable research as it relates to Covid-19. In order to assess the efficaciousness of the therapeutics requires recruiting enough people into the study to allow for statistically significant results. As in most scientific studies, you need a control and a test group.

For any medical or healthcare study you want to partner with a firm that has a proven track record in recruiting for specialized medical studies. This becomes even more important when the race is on to find effective solutions to a current pandemic.

We’ve posted a number of blogs that focus on how to improve recruiting outcomes for medical studies. Given our deep experience recruiting for medical and healthcare studies, we can offer perspectives and advice that are tailored to specialized recruitment.

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