Medical Market Research Recruitment

Medical Market Research Recruitment

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Medical market research cuts a wide swath across the healthcare industry. From longitudinal studies that track health outcomes to product testing and usability studies, this type of market research is growing by leaps and bounds. Some of this growth can be attributed to an increase in direct to consumer marketing. In years past, device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies would directly market their products to medical professionals. In today’s climate, consumers are more front-and-center, and as a result medically-related companies are marketing directly to them. More and more, consumers are requesting specific medications, devices, or even regimens. This shift in consumer expectations and behavior has required companies to pay attention to consumer feedback, in addition to soliciting feedback from healthcare professionals.

Because consumers are more attentive to a company’s reputation and service, medical market-research has become more intricate. Companies are building their brands in a more public way than ever before, and marketing to medical professionals is very different than marketing to the general public. Given this direct-to-consumer shift, many players within the healthcare industry, from drug companies to hospitals, are seeking more feedback from the general public.

Such studies often include participants who can participate in focus groups or in-depth interviews, and here is where recruiting for healthcare studies differs from general consumer studies. As with any qualitative or quantitative market research study, well-vetted participants will offer up the deepest and most relevant and actionable insights.

Typical medical market studies seek to better understand anything from patient experiences, treatment protocol outcomes, new insights with regards to product use, and use around the implementation of new technologies or insurance mandates. Recruiting qualified participants for such studies presents a challenge to even the best nationwide recruiting firms. Just because a company is directing its market research to the ‘general consumer’ doesn’t mean that everyone qualifies. The screening guides used for healthcare studies tend to be very specific and connecting with qualified participants requires experience within the healthcare industry, and specialized knowledge of where to connect with potential recruits. Keep this in mind when selecting a market research recruiting firm.You want to make sure the recruiting agency has depth of experience in recruiting for healthcare-related studies and is familiar with the additional privacy protocols that are part of most medical related market study.

Over the years, Focus Insite has built up a team of dedicated medical market research recruiters who have backgrounds in the healthcare industry and are focused on finding the best qualified participants for any type of healthcare study.

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