Working with a Nationwide Recruitment Agency Speeds up Market Research Studies

Working with a Nationwide Recruitment Agency Speeds up Market Research Studies

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By teaming up with a qualitative research recruitment agency, you can save your team time and energy, ensuring that your market research study can be completed on time and on budget.  Qualitative research consultants will tell you that managing market research recruitment internally can quickly derail a study. It’s easy to underestimate the time involved with recruitment.  Recruiting and managing participants follows a study from the beginning to the end, which is why many experienced researchers turn this key component of a study over to a nationwide recruitment firm.

Working with experienced recruiters remains the most popular way of connecting with qualified participants. Between the detailed screening guides and the recruiting company’s experience and connection to the industry or geographic areas, it saves a lot of time by outsourcing recruiting, rather than try to take this on internally. Because recruiters will manage participants from beginning to end, researchers don’t have to spend their time with scheduling, onboarding, recruit management, and paying the incentives.

Hiring a recruiting firm doesn’t mean that you aren’t involved. Recruiters work closely with the research team to develop screening guides that reflect the segmentation or persona types required for the project. Once potential recruits have been identified the recruiter will then share detailed information about these candidates, giving the researcher final say over who should be invited into the study.

When the researcher signs off on which candidates should be included the recruiter will then manage all privacy and consent forms that most studies require. Most general studies require participants to fill out forms that cover the purpose of the research; how the research data is being used and who has access; how long the study will last; and what is expected from the participants.  If the study is a health or medically related study, additional privacy forms are usually required.

By now it should be evident that a great deal of trust needs to be placed in the recruiting firm. Most market research firms have developed long-term partnerships with recruiting agencies because it is such a critical component to any study.

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