Medical- Its All About Design!

Medical- Its All About Design!

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The medical market research field is broad and expansive, particularly when it comes to healthcare and medical professionals. In the age of COVID-19, it’s not only nurses and doctors who have valuable insight into the medical environment. 

Focus Insite Medical Division managed a project geared toward gaining insight into how acute care hospitals’ architectural layout supports minimizing the spread of infectious diseases. 

With the need for a complete picture, we recruited candidates across the country for a three-pronged approach: hospital executives, facility design professionals, and infectious disease specialists. 

We identified and contacted individuals who met the necessary criteria, seeking key decision-makers at the executive level with experience in systems management and procurement of new technologies.

In the facilities segment, we looked for designers and maintainers who could provide a glimpse into the complex world of creating spaces to precisely fit new and improved disinfecting technologies. 

The last portion necessitated the recruitment of Infectious disease specialists in charge of teams and influenced COVID-19 interventions and protections for facility staff and patients. 

We determined which respondents had the most insight and experience to offer the study through our dual screening process, asking in-depth questions and using our expertise to hone in on relevant topics. 

Once selected, our team proceeded with a smooth scheduling process, resulting in a high show rate and a highly successful collection of information and insights for our clients. 

If you have a study that requires out-of-the-ordinary medical professionals, contact Focus Insite today to fill your study on time and within budget.