Recruiting for Political Surveys and Polls

Recruiting for Political Surveys and Polls

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Many of our blog topics cover market research recruiting for qualitative and quantitative studies. While much of our recruiting effort is aligned with market research, we cast a much broader recruiting net.

Most anyone who follows the news, especially during political campaigning, has likely seen a reference to a political poll or survey. Such polls and surveys don’t ‘just happen’. Pollsters and political organizations are always in search of people to respond to a survey or poll. Data gleaned from political surveys and polling is what drives campaign strategy, gives analysts insight into political leanings, and can help with get-out-the vote efforts.

So where do pollsters and political aides find people to participate in political surveys and polls? Focus Insite has worked closely with a number of political operatives to recruit people to participate in political data gathering.

Hiring a nationwide recruiting agency to identify people to participate in political surveys or polls gives pollsters the assurance that geographic, demographic, and political representation can be met, all while ensuring the anonymity and privacy of respondents.

Our recruiting team has successfully recruited for a number of political surveys, and they’ve found these recruiting projects to be fun and rewarding. You can read about our recruiter, Jenna Speck, talking about how honored she was to recruit voters to participate in a survey discussing their thoughts on government.

Recruiting for market research may be our ‘bread-and-butter’, but we recruit for all types and varieties of clients with varying objectives. No matter the scope of the project you need respondents for, you can count on our team to deliver results in a professional and timely manner.

We always honor the Respondent Bill of Rights for any of our recruiting projects and adhere to all privacy protocols. Our attention to detail is what keeps many of our clients returning for future recruiting needs. They know that we’ll provide quarterly reviews; offer an unparalleled level of professionalism and enthusiasm; and manage all of the recruiting details, from scheduling to paying incentives.

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