How Quarterly Reviews Improve Market Research Recruiting Efforts

How Quarterly Reviews Improve Market Research Recruiting Efforts

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The themes of many of our blogs highlight the benefits of partnering with a nationwide market research recruiting firm when designing qualitative and quantitative studies. In addition to getting a dedicated project manager that oversees all aspects of recruiting, scheduling, and incentive payments, working with a recruitment agency should also bring added value to future projects. Focus Insite does this by conducting quarterly business reviews for all existing clients we serve.

While many B2B businesses conduct business reviews, they can sometimes seem like teams are just ‘going through the motions.’ Our founder, Jim Jacobs, wanted our quarterly reviews to be meaningful and helpful to our clients and recruiting teams. We review strategies, trends, and continuously collect data so that adjustments and improvements can be made for any future recruiting project.

Here’s how Focus Insite stands out when it comes to quarterly business reviews.

Analyze Past Recruitment Projects

For each business review, we have qualified and designated teams who comprehensively evaluate past projects. By thoroughly assessing past projects, our teams learn what worked, what didn’t work, and what can be improved for all future recruiting projects.

We loop our clients in during our quarterly reviews and solicit their feedback. We take their perspective into consideration and use their input to guide our ongoing and future recruitment efforts.

Individualized Attention

Each recruiting project is distinct and no two clients are alike. We treat every review as a stand-alone effort so that we don’t miss crucial information that can help us improve. Similar to a screening guide, we build our quarterly reviews off a set of questions and queries to make sure we’re getting the appropriate information that will be valuable and helpful to the client and our teams for future projects.

We work closely with our clients for every project, and each project means we’re working at a more granular level. Performing quarterly reviews allows us the opportunity to get an aerial view of our recruiting projects and identify patterns that will improve future recruiting projects.

Benefits of Regular Reviews

Many of our clients are repeat customers because of the time we take to review our recruiting projects.  We are mindful of our clients’ time and structure our quarterly reviews to provide maximum benefit to the client without a lot of effort on their part. We do the heavy lifting so our clients don’t have to.

We take the same approach for every recruiting project. By trusting us with all the aspects of recruiting, your research teams can focus on what they do best, while we can focus on what we do best: recruiting!

The attention we give to clients, and our aim to always be improving is partly what has made Focus Insite the preferred vendor for many organizations.

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