The importance of market research in Healthcare

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  1. Experience – Whenever speaking with a potential recruitment partner, you definitely want to find out their experience in the healthcare market research area. For example your market research partner needs to be trained to identify things like “adverse effects” when speaking with potential patients and caregivers. These recruits can often be much more challenging that your typical consumer recruit. You need a partner who has not only the experience but background.
  2.  Medical Expertise– For example, do you know the difference between a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner? A doctor and physician’s assistant? Outpatient vs in-patient? Payer vs Provider? The difference can be tricky in a recruit. You need a partner with the expertise to spot these during the recruitment phase.
  3. Capabilities– Medical recruits can be challenging with requirements by the FDA (Food and Drug administration) and the government regulations that go along with it. Pharmaceutical firms often need to spend millions of dollars on testing and research just to get their drug or potential new medical device to market. Screening is often a complex process in order to get the right respondents. We are familiar with what you need.

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