Outsourcing Market Research Recruitment Saves Time and Money

Outsourcing Market Research Recruitment Saves Time and Money

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Qualitative market research relies heavily on focus groups and in-depth interviews. Even in today’s tech-driven world, qualitative research consultants will tell you that the quality of information obtained through focus-groups or interviews is hard to beat. While the methodology matters, what’s equally important is the quality of the research subject who are recruited to participate in market research studies.

Participants in studies are carefully selected so that the concept or product being studied can be tested on populations who would likely use, consider, engage, or have influence over the product or concept. Delivering market research that is relevant and meaningful to companies relies on recruiting the right people to participate in studies. Few companies will launch a new product or concept without first testing it on its target audience.

Because recruitment is such an important component of market research, many qualitative research firms will hire market research recruiting firms to manage this aspect of a study.

The quality of market research comes down to the people you can recruit to participate in focus groups or research. Product testing, branding pivots, or assessing market receptivity to a new product or idea doesn’t happen by chance.

While some market research companies will recruit focus group participants in-house, many rely on independent recruiters to manage this process. There are many reasons why hiring a nationwide recruitment agency makes sense: it save market researchers time and money to outsource management of finding the right recruits, scheduling, and finding replacements for drop-outs are just some of the benefits of hiring a focus group recruitment agency.

Focus-group recruitment is like herding rabbits. When managing larger qualitative or quantitative market studies, recruitment can be challenging. Market researchers are experienced in developing research studies, working closely with clients to create questions that will producethe most insight, and distilling all the data into a final report that are beneficial to strategy or marketing departments. While many qualitative research consultants won’t broadcast that they are especially challenged by recruitment, and are frustrated when their valuable time is spent finding and managing recruits, rather than focusing on the overall study. It’s not that market researchers don’t have any say or participation in recruitment, it’s that they are experienced enough to know that better results come about when recruitment is outsourced to a nationwide recruitment agency. Planningquantitative and qualitative studies that get to the core of why and how consumers behave in specific ways won’t happen if the right people aren’t properly screened and recruited to participate in market studies.

Think of market research recruitment firms as an essential part of your team, rather than just a piece of a research project needing to be outsourced. You want a nationwide recruitment agency with a proven record as well as experience recruiting from diverse populations, be it ethnic, geographic or cultural.

When you partner with an qualified market research recruiting firm it can mean the difference between delivering a ‘meh’ research project or an outstanding one.

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