Our Focus on Medical and B2B Market Research Recruitment

Our Focus on Medical and B2B Market Research Recruitment

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The number of companies and organizations commissioning market research studies has picked up in recent months.  The shock of the early days of Covid-19 has abated and many companies have found a workable rhythm in a time of continued uncertainty and upheaval. There is little argument that the two industries that have thrived as a result of the pandemic are medical/healthcare and tech.

As a nationwide market research recruiting company, we’ve noticed a shift in the types of qualitative and quantitative studies being commissioned. Focus Insite has been approached by a number of different market research firms to help with recruitment for medical and tech studies, and as a result, we’ve built out our recruiting divisions to reflect these new demands.

Recruiting for medical/healthcare and B2B/tech studies isn’t new for our team of project managers and recruiters, but it is clear that with so many market research studies now focused on these areas, we needed dedicated teams that make recruiting for such studies their main focus.

Serenity Bohon was profiled in a blog, and she has recently been promoted to Director of Medical/Healthcare Recruitment. Serenity is the perfect person to lead this new division and brings her many years of professional and personal experience in the healthcare industry to her new role. As a cancer survivor, Serenity understands first hand the importance of medical research. Serenity’s empathy and tenacity in finding the best people to participate in medical and healthcare studies is what makes her a great leader. Focus Insite’s CEO, Jim Jacobs, says, “Serenity leads our Medical Division and our team and promoting her to Director of Focus Insite’s Medical Division was a no-brainer. She continues to impress as she leads the team to help recruit some of the best doctors, nurses, patients, and caregivers. We are thrilled to have Serenity as the Director of our Medical Division at Focus Insite.”

The promotion of Ashley Nettleton to Director of B2B/Tech Recruitment is another exciting development at Focus Insite. Ashley has many years of experience recruiting for tech and B2B studies and has developed extensive networks and relationships with tech companies both large and small. Most B2B/tech studies are challenging to find the specific recruits the client is looking for, and during those projects, our recruiters do everything they canto get these studies filled. Ashley relishes the challenges of hard-to-fill B2B/tech studies. When tasked with recruiting for such studies Ashley says, “We search in our panel, we do social media ads, we search in Linkedin, we email hundreds of potential participants, and we even cold-call. In the end, we get the study filled with valuable participants, and we get responses such as, ‘John Doe was a bullseye, and we reached out to Focus Insite sales to help with a consumer recruit based on our outstanding experience with you all’ or ‘All of the interviews were excellent and I’m astonished by your ability to consistently find awesome people for us.’ This positive feedback is what motivates us to continue to do everything we can to make every project successful!”

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