How to Engage Healthcare Providers in Medical Market Research

How to Engage Healthcare Providers in Medical Market Research

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Anyone who has tried to engage healthcare/medical professionals in market research studies knows that it can be challenging. Market research consultants and market research recruiters are always asking how they can better increase interest in project participation.

Our dedicated team of medical market research recruiters, led by Serenity Bohon shares some of its expertise in maximizing engagement with medical and healthcare workers.

Respect People’s Time (Especially Busy People!)

Recruiting for medical and healthcare studies often involves asking highly skilled professionals with demanding schedules to commit to participating in a focus group or survey. To successfully recruit medical professionals, it is necessary to first familiarize yourself with their work schedules and pay rates. If your study involves staff from a physician’s office or medical technicians, you’ll have better luck with your study if it’s scheduled in the evening so as not to interfere with their daytime work commitments, whereasa study that includes hospital RNs has more schedulingflexibility.

Pro Tip: Familiarize yourself with typical pay rate of the industry or demographic you’re targeting and set proper incentive payments.

More Transparency is Often Required

Market researchers prefer to design ‘blind’ studies so as not to bias the study outcomes, but this isn’t always possible for medical or healthcare studies. You’ll have more success recruiting medical professionals when you can share more details and particulars of the study you’re trying to fill. This doesn’t mean you have to ‘spill the beans’, it just means that you might need to divulge more information about the study in order for participants to feel comfortable and confident that their time will be well spent by participating.

Pro Tip:Know what you can share with participants before and during a study so they feel like a contributing member of the project, rather than a tool.

Make a Connection

Medical and healthcare professionals are often seeking ways to improve their jobs, for personal and professional reasons. When recruiting, make sure you point out how participating in medical market research studies can impact healthcare overall. Be specific. If you’re recruiting NICU nurses for a study that evaluates how a new piece of technology might impact the way they deliver care, make sure you illustrate how their participation can directly influence their field.

Pro Tip: Share examples of past medical studies that have positively impacted health outcomes.

Focus Insite has developed relationships with healthcare professionals from top to bottom. When recruiting for your next medical or healthcare study, you’ll save time and money by partnering with an experienced medical market research recruitment firm.

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