Don’t call us, we’ll call you

Don’t call us, we’ll call you

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Qualitative market research is impossible to do without the participation of people. When designing studies, qualitative research consultants design screening parameters to ensure that study candidates match the criteria of the study. The quality of market research studies depends on selecting participants who are already users of a product/service/or technology, OR meet the persona types identified for a project.

Depending on the type of research will influence who participants are recruited for the study. Market research recruiting firms often keep databases of names and contact information of people who would like to be considered to participate in market research studies. It’s helpful to nationwide recruitment agencies to tap into such databases for more general types of studies. Market research recruiting firms manage their databases according to demographic and geographic breakdown, making it fairly quick and easy to find candidates for studies. Some nationwide qualitative research firms keep their own databases so they can populate their studies without having to hire a recruitment agency.

Most every focus group recruitment agency keeps a database of people who have opted-in for consideration for market research studies. What differentiates market research recruitment agencies are how effective they are in ‘cold recruiting’. Market research studies are increasingly becoming more complicated and specialized. This can make it especially challenging for recruitment. Sometimes it’s because there are very few people that match the criteria for the scope of a study, and sometimes it’s because a study needs to be populated with C-suite execs or specialized tech workers. While it’s not impossible to recruit for such studies, it is definitely not easy.

Selecting a market research recruiting firm that is experienced in finding these hard-to-reach people is crucial if your project requires such participants. What makes these recruiting firms stand out in the field is they know how to go out and find these people. Recruiters know that finding participants for specialized studies won’t happen by tapping into their database, they need to go out and find these people. Some of the ways to reach these more challenging audiences is through strategic ad placement in forums, LinkedIn, social media, and professional organizations. Attending conferences and trade-shows is another way to connect with more specialized audiences.

Qualitative research consultants will be the first to tell you that hiring a proven recruiting firm is key to the success of the study.

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