3 Tips for Recruiting the Best Participants for your Market Research Study

3 Tips for Recruiting the Best Participants for your Market Research Study

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Recruiting is the beating heart of market research. It’s essential to properly recruit so you can gain the insights you need. It’s not just about asking the right questions, it’s about asking the right people. Regardless of which methodology is used when conducting market research, recruiting is the common denominator.

Know your Target Audience
Before creating a market study, qualitative research consultants first seek to understand who the target audience is. There are many factors that come into play here such as, does the study aim to gain insights from across a customer base, or are in the objective to solicit feedback from a specific segment of the market. The better defined the target audience is, the better the insights. Once the target audience has been defined, a market research recruiting firm can find the participants who meet the criteria of the study.

Segmenting the target audience of a study ensures that there is an accurate representation of insights. For instance, if the aim of the study is to get feedback from a broad audience, it will be important to segment the recruits into categories to make sure that there is representation from various groups. Audiences can be segmented into various categories such as language spoken, geographic region, ethnicity, age, or profession.

Good Screeners
Screeners are an important tool for recruiters to have when selecting participants for a study. Writing a decisive screener helps ensure that unqualified recruits are less likely to be selected for a study. Recruiters will use the screener to ask a potential study candidate-specific questions to see if s/he qualifies for selection. Depending on the scope of the market study will determine how comprehensive the screener is. For certain studies, it’s imperative that participants meet specific thresholds or criteria, and a screener can quickly identify candidates who do or don’t qualify.

Nationwide Recruitment Services
Once you’ve identified the audience you want to be included in your study, the challenge is then connecting with these people and getting them to commit to participating in a study. Hiring a nationwide recruitment agency is the easiest and most cost-effective way to recruit participants for your market study. Most nationwide qualitative research firms know this, why not take a page from their playbook?

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