Recruiting Challenges in Market Research

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Without a doubt, there are recruiting challenges in market research. Experienced market researchers outsource recruiting to professional recruiting agencies because they know how much time and energy recruiting takes.

If you’re wondering why market research recruiting is such a challenge, here are just some of the reasons that recruiting for qualitative studies takes so much time and effort:

Choosing the Right Channels

With so many channels and ways to connect with potential participants, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Not all channels for outreach are equal and knowing which channels work best for the type of project can save a lot of time.

Returning to the same channels and using the same methods for recruiting for different studies will have diminishing returns. Fishing from the same pond quickly depletes the options.

Recruiting Niche Studies

Niche studies, such as within the medical and B2B industries, pose additional challenges. Finding participants that meet more stringent criteria takes a lot more time and effort.

Recruiting always takes time, and some projects have quick deadlines making it much harder to fill a study, especially if you don’t have access to a database of willing participants.

Determining and Disbursing Incentives

Determining an appropriate incentive offer and then disbursing takes a lot of deliberation and effort, not to mention a historical and comparative understanding of the appropriate incentive amounts for the type of study for which you are recruiting.

Managing participants for ongoing or longer-term studies adds layers of challenges for the project manager. No-shows and drop-outs are much more likely.

Despite these challenges, recruiting high-quality participants for your qualitative market research study is possible. Recruitment agencies, such as our team at Focus Insite, specialize in finding qualified participants, minimizing the challenges that often come along with conducting qualitative market research studies.

Our team of recruiters and project managers have years of experience recruiting for all sorts of studies. We’ve built lasting partnerships with our clients because we consistently find qualified study participants, and we manage all aspects of recruiting and incentive payment.

Request a proposal for your qualitative market research study and allow our team to navigate recruiting challenges for you.

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