Transcription Services for Qualitative Market Research

Transcription Services for Qualitative Market Research

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Qualitative market research produces copious amounts of data. Between focus groups, in-depth interviews, or mobile ethnographies, it isn’t unusual to end up with hundreds of pages of transcripts. Taking in all the data and distilling it down to find the patterns and themes that emerge in a study is why qualitative market research is so valuable to companies.

Topics for qualitative market research vary widely, but the essence remains the same: to gain insight into consumers’ behavior and attitudes to understand what is driving their decision-making processes. The insights discovered through qualitative research can help answer what consumers think and/or feel about a service or product; why a product is chosen over a competitor’s; how design, branding, and packaging influence preferences; which marketing/branding messages resonate; how price factors into product selection; and if there is demand for a new service or product.

Depending on the budget and scope of the study, qualitative research consultants will design market research studies that utilize one or more qualitative methodologies that will best answer the essential question at the heart of the study.  Regardless of which methodology chosen, there is no getting around producing hours of video and/or audio that then needs to be transcribed so that the data can be analyzed and distilled.

Most researchers rely on transcription services and often outsource this vital component to companies that specialize in transcription. A word of caution when outsourcing transcription, while there are seemingly less expensive options available, you often ‘get what you pay for’ from these cheaper alternatives. It isn’t unusual to get transcripts back from such companies that are riddled with errors, or large sections of audio/video that aren’t transcribed at all. Transcripts that are error-prone, or have lots of missing transcription, aren’t very helpful to researchers, even if it did cost less than other transcription companies. Additionally, if the subject matter needing transcription is sensitive in nature, you need to consider privacy, security, and HIPPA regulations and ensure that the transcription company you choose is compliant.

When looking to get transcripts made, accuracy and quick-turnaround are important, and shouldn’t require paying a premium.

Focus Insite now offers transcription services, and we aren’t limited to market research. We have a dedicated team that manages transcription services for all industries and needs, from legal to medical.  We are pleased to offer this service, in addition to the nationwide market research recruiting we are known for.

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