Is this for real?

Get paid to share your opinions!

Participate in top focus groups, test new products, taste new snacks and beverages, watch new TV shows, take online surveys, and more! We also have many groups for medical doctors and nurses, and for people with various medical conditions (Diabetes, hemophilia, high blood pressure, etc.) Join today to begin receiving invitations for upcoming studies.

Some examples of the things you may be doing in our studies are:

  • Filling out a phone survey or online survey
  • Testing products and giving feedback on their design
  • Bringing a product home to test as part of your daily routine
  • Taste testing food or beverages
  • Testing the user experience of a website or mobile app
  • Sharing opinions in a focus group discussion with other consumers, led by a moderator, on a particular topic or service
  • Responding to survey questions in a one-on-one interview, in-person or through a video call
  • Answering survey questions about a TV show you’ve watched or radio program you’ve listened to
  • Participating in an interview with your partner or family member, with whom you live and/or make purchasing decisions
  • Shopping at a grocery or retail store while a researcher observes your behavior (called a shop-along)
  • Allowing researchers to observe your behavior in your home

There may be a limit to the number of studies you can participate in during a certain period of time. Almost all types of research studies have a limit of one participant per household, though we occasionally have project opportunities for families and friends. Payment for these sessions varies – sometimes you get paid right at the completion of the session with either a gift card or cash or you will be provided with a check for your time as a “thank you”!