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Empathetic Approaches in Qualitative Recruitment: Balancing Human Connection and Professionalism

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At Focus Insite, we deeply value our clients and the brands that trust us to unearth insights about their products and services. In our role as qualitative recruiters, we act as a crucial link connecting various stakeholders. Now more than ever, people are eager to share their stories and be understood, making empathy an essential component of our recruitment process.

Here are four key practices we uphold in empathetic recruitment:

1. Acknowledging Every Participant’s Contribution – Understanding that each conversation we have during screening is valuable, we ensure to express gratitude to every individual for their time and input, even if they don’t fit the current project. We aim to soften the disappointment of not being selected by suggesting other study opportunities they can find on our Twitter page

2. Finding the Right Fit for Engaged Respondents – When we encounter respondents who are enthusiastic and articulate but not a match for the current study, our recruiters explore alternative projects that might be more suitable. We act as human “routers,” actively seeking the best fit for each respondent across our ongoing projects.

3. Providing Exceptional Service to Respondents – We treat our respondents with as much priority and respect as we do our clients. Whether it’s responding to inquiries about incentives or addressing other concerns, our team is dedicated to providing timely and thoughtful support. We ensure they have various channels to reach us, including direct emails to our executive team, emphasizing their significance in our operations.

4. Maximizing Online Screening for Initial Engagement – We utilize online prescreening extensively, believing that it’s a quicker, less intrusive first step. This approach also tends to soften the impact of a rejection. When a respondent appears to be a good fit online, we approach the follow-up call with optimism and if they don’t qualify for the current project, we actively seek other studies that might be suitable for them.

Empathy is not just a practice; it’s an integral part of our recruitment philosophy. If you are looking for a recruitment partner who values empathetic engagement and can find the right people for your study, we invite you to contact Focus Insite. Reach out to us at bids@focusinsite.com for a recruitment experience that respects and values each participant.