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Effective Strategies for Recruiting Generation Z in Market Research

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Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012-2015, presents unique challenges for market researchers aiming to include their perspectives. As specialists in respondent recruitment at Focus Insite, we understand the importance of reaching the right demographic. Here are three effective strategies for recruiting Gen Z participants:

1. Understand Gen Z’s Social Media Habits A staggering 90% of Gen Z adults engage with at least one social media platform, with nearly half of them using these platforms constantly. To successfully recruit Gen Z, it’s crucial to identify the specific platforms they frequent. Research by HubSpot highlights:

  • 45% of Gen Z users discover brands and products on Instagram
  • 40% on Facebook
  • Gen Z is twice as likely to use YouTube for brand discovery compared to Millennials. Additionally, Gen Z often shares experiences on Snapchat, making these platforms key recruitment channels.

2. Tap into Gen Z’s Diverse Interests This generation is known for its passion and knowledge, honed through constant online communication and interaction. Despite their digital savviness, Gen Z still values recommendations from friends and family on a wide range of topics, including products and politics. Understanding and tapping into these diverse interests can be a powerful tool in recruitment.

3. Adapt to Their Shorter Attention Spans With attention spans becoming increasingly shorter, it’s essential to engage Gen Z effectively. Partial online screening for demographic details, coupled with limited phone interactions to determine suitability, can keep Gen Z respondents interested. Striking the right balance between project requirements and recruitment methods tailored to Gen Z can significantly enhance the chances of attracting suitable participants for your research.

Recognizing and adapting to these unique traits of Gen Z can greatly improve recruitment outcomes. If you’re seeking expert assistance in finding the right Gen Z participants for your study, Focus Insite is here to help. For tailored recruitment solutions that resonate with this dynamic generation, please contact us at