Why Market Research Companies Partner with Nationwide Recruitment Agencies

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If you were to ask a qualitative research consultant what the most challenging part of her job was, you’d likely get an earful about recruiting. Experienced market researchers can design qualitative market research studies in their sleep, but recruiting for such studies is what keeps them up at night. It’s no wonder then, that many researchers rely on market research recruiting firms to help with this crucial component of market research.

Industry veterans often outsource recruiting because experience tells them trying to self-manage this component of a qualitative study can drive up costs and divert time and attention away from designing the overall study. By developing relationships with nationwide recruitment agencies, researchers can be assured that they’ll have access to the best qualified participants for a study, and that the recruitment agency will manage the many details of ensuring that participants are screened, prepared, and compensated.

As more companies realize the value of qualitative market research, they are increasingly employing the services of qualitative research consultants and research firms to help them better understand consumers’ behavior and decision-making processes. Qualitative research doesn’t just help companies bring products to market, they also help companies with strategic planning, product testing, concept testing, and identifying where institutional gaps may exist within an organization. As qualitative research broadens its scope, so to do the demands of recruitment.

Establishing a working relationship with nationwide recruitment agencies allows qualitative market research firms to focus on designing better studies to meet the changing demands of clients’ needs. As different industries such as healthcare and cybersecurity want qualitative research market studies done, the types of participants required for such studies becomes more challenging. Finding a recruiting agency that has a track record of successfully populating more niche studies is what allow research firms to confidently work with more specialized clients looking to benefit from qualitative research.

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