Is Participating in Focus Groups a Legit Way to Earn Extra Money?

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There are many reasons why people side-hustle. Maybe it’s a way to make ends meet or perhaps you’re saving up for a vacation. Whatever your reasons, a popular choice for many looking to take part in the gig-economy is participating in focus groups. Like any offer that sounds too good to be true, there are legit focus groups and lots of scams. Let’s break it down and tell you what to look for.

Participating in focus groups is a great way to earn some extra money and there are many benefits to this form of side-hustle. There are a number of types of focus groups and many reasons why market researchers still rely on them to provide qualitative data. Nationwide recruitment agencies are always on the lookout for qualified participants to add to their database so they can access candidates that meet the requirements of the study they are recruiting for. The easiest way to ensure that the focus group you’re hoping to participate in is legit is to add your name to a nationwide recruiting agency database. Here are three things to consider to make sure you’re signing up with a legit company.

  1. Privacy Policy—Does the focus group recruitment agency you’re considering have a stated privacy policy? If not, move on. Legitimate market research recruiting firms should have a clear and easy-to-find privacy policy statement explaining what is done with your personal information.
  2. Respondent Bill of Rights—Does the market research recruitment agency participate and uphold the respondent bill of rights? If not, keep on looking. You want to make sure you’re aligning yourself with a nationwide recruitment agency that is as concerned about your rights as they are with populating market research studies. You will sleep easier at night knowing that your side-hustle isn’t exposing your personal information to nefarious or shady organizations or sources. When a market research recruiting firm states that it upholds the respondent bill of rights, you can be assured that this is a legit organization to sign up with to participate in focus groups or other qualitative market research.
  3. Expectations and Explanations—If a focus group recruitment agency can’t clearly articulate the expectations of your participation in a focus group or explain how and when you’ll be paid by participating in market research, then you’ll want to look elsewhere. Many legit companies will have an easy-to-navigate Help/FAQ page that will give you answers to commonly asked questions.

You won’t get rich by participating in focus groups, but it is an easy way to earn extra money. Even better, is it’s often very interesting and fun. Who doesn’t want to get paid for sharing their insights?