Industry Insight : Tips for Recruitment Design

Industry Insight : Tips for Recruitment Design

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Medical research studies require careful planning and creativity, with each portion designed to elicit the optimal response. Recruitment is one of the most essential segments of these projects.

When it comes to recruiting, the end goal is to get the right people, in the right place, at the right time. To this end, you should meet with a dedicated project manager to go over the qualifying criteria (in order of importance), proposed incentives, and study description and information.

Recruitment efforts will need to appeal to the targeted audience. You can do this with lucrative incentives, exciting topics, and through supporting the advancement of a cause close to people’s hearts.

Once people begin to answer the call, it’s crucial that recruiters collect the necessary data both efficiently and effectively; this means structuring questions to get the most in-depth information and verify qualification without infringing too much on the person’s valuable time. 

Focus Insite has been a leader in research recruitment since 2016. Our experience and expertise set us apart, enhancing both the quality and quantity of respondent candidates for studies. 

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