Essential Skills for Market Research Recruiters

Essential Skills for Market Research Recruiters

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Recruiting the right candidates to participate in market research studies can make or break a study. We’ve posted a lot of blogs over the years that share tips and strategies for market research recruitment, and while we stand by these, our company’s success with recruiting comes down to our stellar team of recruiters and project managers.

Focus Insite wouldn’t be a leading nationwide market research recruiting agency without our employees. Our job is to identify the best qualified study participants, which gives us a leg up on identifying who would make a great recruiter for our team.  A good recruiter needs to have great communication skills, be organized, enjoy connecting with people, stay calm when things go sideways, and be able to assess when someone is not being honest.

We attribute part of our lasting success as a company to our great employees. We always try to promote from within, and we’ve recently promoted a number of employees to new positions. Don’t just take our word for the enthusiasm and care our employees bring to their roles, here they are in their own words.

Our newly appointed Director of B2B Division is Maureen Yaconis who started out as a recruiter and quickly proved herself as a natural and capable leader. Maureen loves connecting with people, “With recruiting you get to talk to people you wouldn’t ever get the chance to interact with otherwise.  Sometimes you get to swap some life stories during the re-screening process, and really connect.  Even though some studies’ purpose may seem trivial, the purpose is important to that company or group of people, so it’s always a fun part of the process to connect the right people with each project. I love working at Focus Insite because everyone that works here truly wants to do the best job they can while being a part of a fun environment.”

In her new role as director, Ms. Yaconis says, “My biggest goal to accomplish in my new role as Director is to continue fostering a close-knit team while encouraging for internal growth and development for my team.  I believe the environment with which you create as a leader while allowing the team opportunity to grow is the root connection to developing deeper connections with our clients.  The sky is the limit for both my team and the company, and I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds.”

Our newly appointed Director of Consumer Division is Danielle Fuller. Danielle’s enthusiasm for recruiting is apparent every time she is tasked with recruiting. “I love recruiting the right people for the right studies. I enjoy the challenge of finding those who are a perfect fit. It is fascinating for me to think about how our daily efforts can result in new or improved products that are offered to millions of people.” You can see why Ms. Fuller will be stellar in her new role as director! She is as passionate about recruiting as she is for brining out the best in her team of co-workers. “I hope to enhance our existing organizational processes to increase productivity and our internal capacity. I hope to lead the consumer teams in a way that brings out the best in each member and makes the most of their abilities and potential. As we continue to grow as a company, I also aim to maintain the high standards we have for our work.”

Focus Insite is only as good as its recruiting teams. Our clients return to us time and again because they know that no matter how niche or general the study, our recruiters will give 110% of themselves to finding the right participants to fill a study. Of course there are professional tips and tricks that make recruiting easier, but it always comes down to having the right people. Focus Insite is fortunate to have a team of amazing and talented people who bring their “A” game to each and every project.

Our recruiters are ready to help you fill your next market research study. Contact us Today to see how we can help!