Focus Insite Announces the Promotion of Several Employees

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West Chester, PA– June 15th, 2022 — Focus Insite, one of North America’s leading market research recruiting firms, is pleased to announce the promotions of several employees. With these new promotions, Focus Insite has increased its capacity by adding project teams to continue its top-tier support to its growing partnerships with new and existing clients. 

Asyia Andrews

Asyia Andrews has been promoted to Assistant Project Manager. Ayisa has proven herself as a recruiter, and in her new role she’ll have more control over the recruiting process from beginning to end. Asyia says, “My new role gives me the opportunity to really support respondents from start to finish and I believe it helps the respondents feel more comfortable to know they will have someone who is friendly, responsive, and attentive during the final stages leading to their completion of a study.”

Raeann Andres

Raeann Andres has been promoted to Project Manager. Raeann’s background is in education and leadership. She is a natural leader and has excellent communication skills. Raeann is excited to incorporate the tools she gained as an educational leader to create clear and achievable goals for clients’ projects. “Communication and collaboration are the number 1 priority for me and I want to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in every step of the process.”

Melisa Serrano

Melisa Serrano has been promoted to Project Manager. Melisa has more than 10 years experience in HR and recruiting, which makes her an excellent project manager. Melisa is excited to continue her professional growth. “I want our clients to know me on a first name basis and know the Focus Insite team will work hard to find good participants to fill the study quickly.” 

Karela Boeker

Karela Boeker has been promoted to Project Manager. In her previous role as a recruiter, she has worked with the talented team at Focus Insite, learning from other experienced project managers. Karela says, “I have learned from really great recruiters and project managers how to successfully manage projects. In addition, my ability to communicate small details, be organized, priorities and competitiveness drives my daily desire to succeed in this role.”  

Maureen Yaconis

Maureen Yaconis has been promoted to Director of B2B Division. Maureen brings more than a decade of organizational skills as an event/wedding planner to her new role, in addition to various leadership roles. Maureen’s ability to connect with people and organizations makes her a natural leader. “I believe the environment with which you create as a leader, while allowing the team opportunity to grow, is the root connection to developing deeper connections with our clients. The sky’s the limit for both my team and the company.”

Danielle Fuller

Danielle Fuller has been promoted to Director of Consumer Division. Her background in event planning allowed her to develop strong organizational skills and she looks forward to enhancing the existing organizational processes to increase productivity and internal capacity. “I hope to lead the consumer teams in a way that brings out the best in each member and makes the most of their abilities and potential. As we continue to grow as a company, I also aim to maintain the high standards we have for our work.”

Stephanie Tatum

Stephanie Tatum has been promoted to Medical Team Project Manager. She is passionate about recruiting for medical and healthcare studies knowing that these studies make a difference in people’s lives. “Some of what I love about recruiting for the medical team is learning about all the different studies, medications, devices, etc, knowing that our work helps not only the clients but the medical field, doctors, patients and their families. Our work makes a difference!”

“Promoting these employees to leadership roles within our organization allows us to continue to serve our clients with more personalized service,” says Jim Jacobs, CEO of Focus Insite.

About Focus Insite

Focus Insite is North America’s leading market research recruiting agency. The company has dedicated teams of recruiters for B2B, Medical, and Consumer studies. Focus Insite is the go-to agency for niche market study recruitment, and specialty studies.

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