Why Internally-Led Research Studies Rely on External Recruiting Agencies

Why Internally-Led Research Studies Rely on External Recruiting Agencies

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It’s hard to say if it was the pandemic that accelerated the pace of companies bringing market research studies in-house, or if this trend would have happened regardless. Either way, we are seeing more market research studies being led by internal teams, rather than by market research firms.

Whether you’re leading an internal market research study, or commissioning one, what has remained constant is hiring nationwide market research research firms to manage all aspects of recruitment. We have a few theories about why companies and researchers continue to outsource recruiting to professional agencies, rather than tackle this component on their own.

Recruiting Firms Save Time and Money

Hiring a recruiting firm to manage market research recruitment saves time and money. We’ve posted many blogs over the years that highlight the challenges of recruiting, and most people with market research experience know that the success of any study depends on finding qualified and enthusiastic candidates to fill a study.

Finding qualified participants and managing no-shows takes time and experience. Anyone who has led a market research project understands that in the end a lot of time and money will be saved by partnering with a market research recruiting firm.

Recruiters Are Specialized

If the topic of your market research study is sensitive or involves healthcare or medical care, then working with an experienced recruitment firm can save you from legal or HIPAA violations.

There are additional factors concerning privacy and data management that need to be put in place when conducting sensitive research. This extends to all aspects of the study, but especially recruitment.

Focus Insite has a dedicated team of medical and healthcare recruiters who have deep networks in the medical/healthcare space, which alleviates a lot of stress for the researcher.

Transcription Services

Many of our clients are repeat customers, and one way we’ve continued to grow our business is by adding additional services beyond recruitment. A few years ago we added transcription and translation services, making us a one-stop-shop for two key components of market research: recruitment and transcription!

Sure, there are other transcription services available, but ours is competitively priced and is HIPAA compliant.

Whether you’re leading an internally-led market research project or working with a market research firm, partnering with a specialized recruiting agency will save time and money.

Contact us today to learn how our recruiting teams can help you with your next study!