1 - Common Mistakes Made When Conducting Market Research

Common Mistakes Made When Conducting Market Research

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When you decide to start or improve your business, the best place to begin is doing market research. Market research is so important to your success. You need to do it before starting and continuously throughout the lifetime of your business. Here are some of the most common mistakes and how Focus Insite can help you avoid them.

  • Avoiding Primary Research – Knowing the market size, how it’s performing, and other information readily available to you is considered secondary research. And while it is good information, you need to also get information directly from your audience about your business. Focus Insite specializes in finding the right consumers and asking them directly about their thoughts, feelings, and actions to help you make good decisions.
  • Not Researching Your Audience – It’s best to get access to a list of people who are definitely within your target audience. You can do this via list-building exercises, or you can locate your audience in your competition’s groups and message boards. As a nationwide recruitment agency, Focus Insite has a database of thousands of active consumers ready to give you their opinions.
  • Not Asking the Right Questions – When you start with market research, ensure that you’re asking the right questions when you conduct surveys. Creating a good survey is a talent that can be learned and Focus Insite can help you to create the questions that will yield the best data.
  • Not Properly Incentivizing Your Respondents – Good market research usually isn’t free, but giving even a little reward to your market research participants can go a long way toward getting good results. The most popular offerings include free products, gift cards or cash in exchange for their valuable time and opinions. Focus Insite can work within your budget to help your market research dollar go further.

Consumer opinions, habits, and actions change constantly, so it’s important that you stay on top of it all. Even when you complete the initial research, you’ll need to continue with it throughout the lifetime of your business. Remember that market research doesn’t really ever end, but Focus Insite can help you keep up.