Successful Market Research Recruiting  

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Author: Serena Berrey | Editor: Elizabeth Zuponcic 

Ever wonder why your market research study recruitment process might be struggling? Here’s a little snapshot as to why recruiting participants for market research studies is challenging: you not only have to attract qualified participants, you must verify their details, get them scheduled, and then get them to commit to actually participating in a study. Although a seemingly overwhelming feat, we want to show you how to accomplish this with some helpful advice. 

Pay Attention to Your Screeners 

Successful recruiting outcomes require organization, project management skills, patience, persistence, and screening guides. We’ll repeat that last bit again: screening guides. There is no quicker way to separate out qualified from unqualified candidates. We often go through two screening processes with our identified candidates. A second screening helps flush out ‘professional testers’ as well as prove other requirements of the study. During the depths of the pandemic when all qualitative studies were being conducted online, a stable Wi-Fi connection and familiarity with platforms such as Zoom were essential. A second screening gave recruiters the assurance that participants could fully participate per the requirements. 

Attract the Right Participant  

In order to attract the perfect participant to get the most out of your qualitative market research study, it’s important to first coordinate schedules to make sure identified participants are available the day and time of the study. You must send multiple reminders to participants to show up for the study; you must be ready to manage no-shows and substitute unqualified participants at the last minute; and, finally, at the conclusion of the study you must send out incentive payments. 

If You’re Overwhelmed, We Can Help! 

If you’ve read through this list and said, “No thanks”, the good news is you don’t have to take on recruiting. Market research recruiting is our specialty, and we partner with researchers around the globe to help them find the best participants for their market research studies. From healthcare to B2B, from general to niche, we have years of experience in recruiting for all types and sizes of  qualitative studies. Your “No thanks” is our “Yes please!” 

The truth is, even with all the tools in place, recruiting can be time consuming and tedious. While it’s possible to manage recruiting internally, most researchers and market research firms outsource recruiting to professional agencies, such as Focus Insite. Many of our clients are repeat customers because they know we’ll always deliver on what we do best: finding the most suitable candidates for your market study! 

If you’re interested in working with us today, send us an email at We’d love to start a conversation with you on how we can collaborate and help you gather informative data or your business!