3 Tips for Improving Virtual Market Research Studies

3 Tips for Improving Virtual Market Research Studies

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Over the last few months, we’ve shared a number of insights into how to make the most of the challenging situations posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since it looks like restrictions will remain in place for the foreseeable future, we’ll continue to focus on various tips and insights to help you improve your virtual market research studies.

Even when life returns to pre-Covid ‘normal’, there remain many benefits to continuing with aspects of virtual research, including:

– More authentic insights

– Cost-effective

– Feedback can be captured in real-time

– Easier access to a more geographically-diverse mix of participants

– No logistical challenges of gathering people in a physical location

Below are 3 tips for improving on remote market research studies:

1. Go Mobile

More people now have access to smartphones making mobile ethnography studies accessible to a broader audience. There are a number of mobile platforms that qualitative research consultants can choose from to design mobile ethnography studies. Additionally, many facets of traditional qualitative and quantitative research studies can be migrated to mobile platforms.

2. Surveys Should be Shorter

If your study includes a survey, and they’re being conducted remotely, it’s best to shorten the length of survey to match the fact that 8 seconds is the average attention span of people. Taking the time to distill survey questions so you’re asking only the essential ones will ensure you receive answers that provide meaningful insights.

3. Go Broad with Recruiting

One of the many benefits of hosting virtual market studies is not being bound to a specific geographic area. Remote studies allow nationwide recruiting firms to target qualified participants over a larger geographic region, which is often too cost prohibitive to do when conducting in-person research.

Virtually conducted market research studies are not only possible during lockdowns and restricted work environments, they can actually thrive.

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