3 Reasons to Hire a Nationwide Recruitment Agency for Market Research Healthcare Studies

3 Reasons to Hire a Nationwide Recruitment Agency for Market Research Healthcare Studies

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Qualitative research firms are often hired to conduct market research for the healthcare industry. Healthcare is a big umbrella and qualitative research consultants can be tasked with anything from studying people with specific health conditions to medical professional’s experience with Health Information Exchange (HIE) Systems.

Recruiting can be especially challenging when conducting market research for the healthcare industry, which is why many research firms partner with a nationwide recruitment agency to manage the recruitment.

Market research recruiting firms provide good value to market research because professional recruiters are experienced with outreach, screening, and management. These skills are especially appreciated by qualitative research consultants when it comes to healthcare or medical studies. Here are three reasons why hiring a participant recruitment agency for a market research healthcare study is important:

  1. Familiarity—When interviewing potential recruitment partners to manage your healthcare recruitment, the most important question to ask is what its prior experience is with regards to healthcare recruitment. There are many reasons why it’s important to hire an experienced recruitment firm: privacy and familiarity with medical terms being the main concerns. Recruiting for healthcare studies, or medical professional studies, are often more challenging than a typical consumer study recruit. Partnering with a recruitment agency that has demonstrated experience with healthcare and medical recruitment is paramount.
  2. Expertise—Experienced recruiters will know the difference between and a nurse practitioner and a nurse, or a PAC and a MD. Other important distinctions include in-patient vs. outpatient, provider vs. payer, or HIE vs. EHR (health information exchange vs. electronic health records). The specialized nomenclature can make recruitment tricky, which is why its imperative to work with an experienced healthcare industry recruiter. Another advantage of outsourcing recruiting to a professional company is the potential for connecting with expert networks.
  3. Competency—FDA and government regulations are added challenges when it comes to medical and healthcare recruiting. Screening for qualified recruits is often complex and requires nuance and sensitivity.

Focus Insite has years of experience recruiting for medical and healthcare studies. We have recruited for more straightforward types of healthcare studies, to very complex ones. Our privacy policy and understanding of the various protocols of complicated healthcare recruiting ensures that you can move forward with confidence in your study.

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