New PICC Line Study – $250 for In-Person Session (Philadelphia, PA)

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We are looking for Nurses to participate in a user research study related to bedside PICC insertion kits. The study is about setting up the sterile field prior to placement of a PICC.

Study Format: 60 min In-Person sessions in Philadelphia, PA

Incentive: $250

When: March 6 – March 10

* Please note that this study is not a clinical study – it is simulated-use usability research, and you will not be providing medical care to any actual patients. Additionally, it is not an attempt to sell anything to you, but instead, an attempt to gain your feedback about a new medical device. *

Please fill out the application as completely as possible. If you qualify, we will contact and schedule you for the study. 

Please note most studies are video or audio recorded.

Please see below our qualifying screeners: