Market Research Can’t Happen Without Transcription Services

Market Research Can’t Happen Without Transcription Services

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Anyone who has worked on qualitative market research projects knows that reams of data are produced. Qualitative research often includes focus groups and/or in-depth interviews, and these alone can produce up to many hours of recordings. Making sense of all this information, and picking out the patterns and insights, is the essence of qualitative market research.

Qualitative research can be done for most any topic, from medical and healthcare studies to B2B. No matter what the scope of the study, the objective of market research is to provide the client with a better understanding of what users/consumers think and feel about a product or service; why one product is chosen or preferred over others; how branding, design, and packaging influences purchasing; which branding and marketing messages most resonate; and, if there is demand for a new product or service.

No matter the methodologies chosen for any given study, researchers will ask lots of questions and probe respondents’ responses. Once researchers have completed gathering information, the next step is getting all of the video/audio transcribed.

There are a number of transcription services available, but not all are created equally. Knowing how important quality, and affordable, transcription is to market research, we have brought this service in-house to better serve our clients.

We know the demands on market researchers, and we make sure our transcription services have quick turnaround, are accurate, and comply with all HIPAA and privacy guidelines.

Of course, transcription services aren’t limited to market research. Our services are available to anyone who requires transcription, for any reason.

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