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Making Your Work-From-Home Space Productive

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Author: Serena Berrey | Editor: Elizabeth Zuponcic 

Working from home? More commonly now than ever, our offices have been moved to our own personal spaces. Though the convenience of not having to commute to the office everyday can feel like a luxury, it can also cramp our productivity and make us feel “stuck” between our home environment and working mindset. 

Designing your work-from-home space is an important step in maintaining a productive remote working environment, especially in the field of market research. The great thing about the freedom of working from home: It’s up to you to create an at-home office that is perfectly designed around your needs and preferences. Follow these tips to create an enjoyable workspace bound to make you feel productive.

Lighting: Don’t discount lighting solutions

Adequate lighting is essential for many reasons, such as preventing eye strain and boosting mental health. According to, lighting can have a big impact on our productivity and mood. When possible, incorporate as much natural light as your space allows. If you’ve ever worked in a windowless environment, the lack of sunlight can have a negative impact on your daily routine. 

Though natural light is ideal, it isn’t always an option. In these cases, using the right type of bulb and fixtures can make a world of a difference. Small lamps are great for lighting a concentrated area, but consider incorporating floor lamps to better illuminate the room and make your space feel more spacious.. 

Bulb choice is another consideration. Choosing a bulb that simulates natural light is an adequate alternative when natural lighting is not available. 

Key takeaway: Whether it is natural or artificial light, choose a bright light solution that fully illuminates the room. 

Olfactory Distractions: Choose a smell that helps you focus.

Smells in our environment can help or hurt – especially when you are concentrating on a task. Certain fragrances can stimulate areas of the brain associated with concentration. Other smells can be distracting or uncomfortable. Manage your workspace by incorporating a candle or essential oil diffuser. Fragrances such as peppermint or citrus promote concentration. Or go for a more relaxed feel with lavender. Whatever your preference may be, the options are endless. 

Key takeaway: Incorporating pleasant smells into your workspace can increase focus and damper distracting odors. 

White Noise: Eliminate distractions with white noise.

Much like smells, environmental noise can be a daunting distraction. Perhaps your neighbor is mowing the lawn or the street noise of traffic is throwing off your focus. We can’t always control the sounds that permeate our workspace, but there are options available to help drown out unwanted noise.

White noise machines are a fantastic option for those looking for a neutral ambience. They endorse concentration and keep other noises from the forefront of your concentration. A more accessible (and free) option are work-centered soundtracks on music platforms such as YouTube or Spotify. Choosing a tune that gets you in the productive working mood is a great way to elevate your workspace. 

Key takeaway: You can’t control all environmental noise, but you can promote a primary tune with soothing music, a white noise machine, or a free app that provides white, brown, and green noise.

Organization: Keeping your space tidy

Some individuals can function in an “organized mess” but there is no argument against the effectiveness of a magazine-style organized environment and its direct correlation to productivity. Keeping your workspace top-notch will not only make you feel better but will keep your mind from wandering as you concentrate on the task at hand. 

Organization solutions keep areas clean with little effort. With so many affordable options, your desk can look like a home designer’s dream without breaking the bank. Take the time to tidy up your workspace and you will reap the benefits of a clean space instantly.  

Key takeaway: Organizing your workspace will increase productivity, eliminate distractions, and boost your mental clarity.

Be Green: Adding plants can elevate your workspace.

Plant keeping may have earned a reputation as a covid craze, but there is something to be said for incorporating plants into your space. The greenery promotes a sense of relaxation; bringing a bit of nature indoors undoubtedly promotes a positive mindset. 

In addition to making your environment more attractive, some plants contribute to improving air cleanliness. Snake plants (Dracaena Trifasciata) are a great option for those looking to improve air quality and visual space without a lot of commitment. These plants thrive on neglect so you can spend more time concentrating on work and enjoying the ambience it brings to the room.

Key takeaway: Plants are a great way to spruce up your environment in addition to potential air purifying benefits.

You will find that maximizing your workspace will improve your productivity, lift your mood, and promote mental clarity. With the ability to customize your environment based on your preferences and working style, you can start every work day with your best foot forward. Have any recommendations not listed above? Let us know how you have improved your work-from-home experience!

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