Focus Group Facilities—An Important Component of Qualitative Market Research Studies

Focus Group Facilities—An Important Component of Qualitative Market Research Studies

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Sometimes our clients ask us if they should host focus groups or qualitative studies at their office. Our response is always, “You’ll get better, unbiased results if you host a market research study in a neutral location.” Even if your study is focused on branding, and participants are recruited knowing the brand or topic of this study, it pays to host the study off-site so as not to inadvertently bias the outcomes.

When recruits are hosted on-site, it’s hard to avoid ‘brand creep’. They’ll be less likely to offer an answer or response that they deem negative to the brand. If respondents are self-censoring, you will not end up with useful information to inform strategy, marketing, branding, or design. In other words, there would be no point in the study if the results are biased.

For our clients located in the West Chester, Pennsylvania area, we can arrange to host your studyin a facility that is designed specifically for qualitative research studies. Even better is we can host participants virtually, so that you can expand your demographic reach to include local and remote participants.

If you’re wondering what is unique about a facility that is tailored to focus group or other qualitative methodologies, here are some of the features.

Recording devices

Interactive monitors

Video conferencing equipment

Large white-boards

Kitchen and refrigeration for testing/sampling

ADA accessibility

One-way viewing rooms


The above list highlights some of the features that make focus group facilities distinct. Of course, your study may not require all of the bells and whistles, but it’s always nice to have the option.

There are so many facets to conducting a successful market research study: from recruiting to facility rental to moderation. All the components must be given the appropriate attention and care. Our team at Focus Insite are integral to successful study outcomes. From recruiting to facility rentals to transcription and translation services, we pride ourselves on helping our clients deliver great market research outcomes, each and every time.

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