Engaging Healthcare Providers in Medical Market Research

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Whether your project consists of testing a new device for the NICU or is a fact-finding mission regarding hospital environment safety, you will need expert knowledge and skills in the field to make it a success. However, it can be challenging to engage all manners of healthcare professionals with your research project, leading you to ask, “How can I increase interest in project participation?”

There are several ways to help engage healthcare professionals in your research studies. However, making tweaks to just a few things can result in significant changes in attitude toward your project.  

Be Respectful of Their Time.

The individuals you seek are highly skilled and already have demanding jobs, especially amid a pandemic. It is essential to be familiar with standard work schedules and pay rates. A study for medical technicians or staff from a physician’s office will be more successful in the evenings or weekends than during the day, while hospital RNs have more flexibility in their schedule. You should also account for typical pay rates in order to set an appropriate incentive for the target demographic. 

Increase Transparency.

While many research stages need to be blind to preserve the validity of collected data, healthcare professionals appreciate understanding as much about a study as possible. Evaluate what you can share with participants, both before and after their sessions to help them feel like a member of your team instead of just a tool. More information can lead to better performance and more meaningful outcomes. 

Connect Your Work to Theirs.

Like all of us, healthcare professionals are continually looking for ways to improve their jobs. On a deeper level, there is an expectation in healthcare that every individual works to advance the profession somehow. If your project will make significant improvements to patient care or change daily job activities, these highly skilled workers are more likely to take a vested interest.

Partner with Someone They Trust.

Companies like Focus Insite have relationships with healthcare professionals at all levels and in all fields. The HCPs trust these companies to accept projects meaningful to their profession, offer a lucrative incentive, and treat them with respect. The strong relationships we form with respondents pay dividends for your project. 

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