Do's and Don'ts for Medical Research Studies

Do’s and Don’ts for Medical Research Studies

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Have you ever wondered what exactly Focus Insite does and doesn’t do for medical research studies?

I’m Trina Minogue, director of Focus Insite’s Medical Division, here to give you some insight into our roles and responsibilities for medical research studies.

Focus Insite has relationships with companies worldwide that work in medical research. These companies reach out to us with their recruitment needs for medical projects.

While our involvement in each study varies slightly based on the client company’s requests, in general, our role is that of a cut-out.

In order for studies to gather in-depth and unbiased information, participants (that’s you!) need to remain as anonymous as possible. A company will hire us to find the right people for their study, and we verify qualifications, arrange schedules, and handle payments.

We don’t have control over things like:
– Setting the qualifying criteria for each study
– The specific screening questions that we ask -or-
– Client changes to schedules, screenings, and requirements

In general, Focus Insite is in charge of:
– Working to set schedules that will be convenient for participants
– Suggesting fair incentives based on the study length and level of expertise required
– Serving as the point of contact between you and the researcher – and –
– Processing incentives – based on client satisfaction

Most importantly, we appreciate and value you for your time, enthusiasm, and expertise.

If you’re not the right fit for one study, we will do our best to find you another that’s a just-right match.

We don’t just work for our clients, we also work for you!