Study in Manhattan Beach, California, March 7th through the 17th, Pays $200 for 90 minutes

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We are on Phase 2 of our automobile study and are looking to speak to the following and get opinions to get a better idea of a few issues:

This pays $200.00 for 90 minutes and is an in-person interview only in Manhattan Beach, California.  This is going on March 9th through the 17th.

We are looking for a few different groups.

  1. People who own or lease cars and live in apartments, as well as those that have a license but don’t own a car in various age categories.
  2. A GM of a local hotel in the area to discuss automotive,  parking issues, etc.
  3. Residential Property Manager   
  4. Owner or the GM of a local Tow Truck Company
  5. Owner/GM of a local Collision or Auto Repair Business
  6. Deployed Military -who in the last 6-9 months left car in US or sold.
  7. Small to Medium Size Business in the Los Angeles area.  -preferably ones that have delivery services as part of their offering.

Examples would be:+

Furniture/ Home Goods

  • +Furniture Business
  • + Repair/ Maintenance
  • + Florists
  • + Food & Beverage – caterers, consumer product goods
  • + Auto parts dealers
  • + Healthcare remote services (e.g. elderly care)

If you are interested, please fill out the below link and should you qualify, we will contact you!