Respiratory Therapists needed! Dallas and Philadelphia! (study 18-111)

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We are looking for Respiratory Therapists for a paid market research study. We are recruiting for Tuesday February 13th in Dallas and fielding Philadelphia on Thursday, February 15th.

These are in person interviews and we have various times available. We are looking for the following positions for a paid 60 minute study on your professional opinions:


NICU RT (Neonatal Intensive Care Respiratory Therapist)

PICU RT (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Respiratory Therapist)

ICU RT (Intensive Care Unit Respiratory Therapist_

PICU Intensivist (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Intensivist)


In Philadelphia we need:



NICU Neonatal

PICU Intensivist

The time involved is 60 minutes, and the payment schedule is as follows:

NICU Respiratory Therapists $400
PICU Respiratory Therapists $400
Adult ICU Respiratory Therapists $400
NICU Neonatologists $550
PICU Hospital Intensivists $500
Adult ICU Hospital Intensivists $500

If you are interested in this study- please fill out the following link and we will contact you and schedule you!