Pulmonologists need for a paid market research study (18-106)

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We do several medical studies for clients throughout the country.

Our latest one is targeting Pulmonologists.

The topic of this study is Bronchiolitis Obliterans. We are recruiting Pulmonologists who work in a Regional Pulmonologists in Transplant Centers and well as Community Pulmonologists.

The study is a web interview taking place between February 6th through the 16th.

The interview is 60 minutes and for your time you will receive $400.00 (Four Hundred Dollars)

We do have a few positions left.

If interested, please fill out this brief form and should you qualify, we will contact you!


We have done several qualitative market research studies for pulmonologists and physicians in the past, so even if you don’t qualify, but would like to be considered for a future study, just let us know!