Parents/Caregivers of Epilepsy patients 8yo+ and Adult Epilepsy Patients: $800 (Los Angeles area)

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19-177 Pediatric Epilepsy
We are in need of Epilepsy patients 8 years of age and older (and caregivers as appropriate), for a 10 week App Testing Study we are holding in the Los Angeles area from November 25, 2019 – January 29, 2020. 
It will involve an in-person training/kick off, as well as an ending meeting at the local Boston Consulting Group’s office which must be attended by the person diagnosed with epilepsy.  Also, during the course of the study, there will be a 45 min web interview.
For your full participation you will be paid $800.00.

Should you qualify, we will contact and schedule you! Please fill out as completely as you can with your BEST contact information!

Please click below to begin our qualifying screener: