Need your opinions on hotels! In Harrisburg/Middletown! Pays $300.00

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We have a study that pays $300.00 for you to stay overnight at a hotel in the Harrisburg/Middletown area on either Thursday October 25th OR Friday October 26th.

We can’t say the name of the hotel online, but we will be happy to tell you once you qualify!

You get a free room- and just have to give us your opinions! What’s involved:

  • You check in by 7 PM.
  • You get a $50.00 food allowance– to spend in the hotel or surrounding area on food.
  • That night you fill out a 30 minute online survey and answer questions honestly on what you think about the hotel.
  • The next day, you check out in the morning, and we interview you there at the hotel for 30 minutes and you give us your honest opinions.

For your participation, you will receive $300.00! (With Food Allowance- $350.00 TOTAL!)

We are looking to fill slots THIS THURSDAY October 25th or FRIDAY October 25th (Pick one evening)

If interested and you live in the Harrisburg area, please sign up HERE: