Focus Insite Identified by Quirk Media as a “Top 24 Qualitative Research Company”

Focus Insite Identified by Quirk Media as a “Top 24 Qualitative Research Company”

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There are a number of nationwide market research recruiting firms that people can choose to work with. What separates the “good” from the “great” is consistency, quality, and experience. Focus Insite is considered a great company to manage all aspects of market research recruiting because we deliver on what we promise, and we find the best participants to populate all types of market research topics. While our focus has always been on our clients’ success, we were thrilled to be identified by Quirk Media as a “top 24 Qualitative Research Company” in its July/August issue.

We have built our reputation as a leader in market research recruiting one client at a time. Our team of recruiters and project managers bring a wealth of experience and hail from all sorts of professional backgrounds, giving us inroads to more challenging recruiting projects. Our recruiting team is what makes it possible for us to recruit for everything from medical to political to technical studies. We understand the challenges of market research and our singular goal is to ensure the success of every qualitative and quantitative market research study by finding the best qualified participants. We may make recruiting look easy, but peek behind the scenes and you quickly appreciate how recruiting is like herding cats.

We’ll share three of our recruiting secrets with you.

Networks: Like many recruiting agencies, we keep an organized and comprehensive database of past recruits and people who are looking to join a panel, but we don’t stop there. Depending on the topic of the study we then decide which of our recruiters/project managers is best suited to take the lead. Because our team of recruiters come from many different professional backgrounds, we pair each recruiter with the project that best matches her professional network. When it comes to making contact with hard-to-reach (or convince) candidates, having a shared professional background is a must.

Persistence: If it was only a matter of making one phone call or sending one email to a qualified candidate, there would be little reason to hire a professional recruiting firm. Most recruiting efforts require a lot of digging, a lot of contacting, and a lot of persistence. Recruiters are dogged in their pursuits and know that the narrower the focus of a study the harder the recruiting will be. This is especially the case with medical and healthcare studies.

Patience: Recruiters need to be persistent, but they also need to be patient. The number of recruits needed for a study varies. If you’re recruiting for a qualitative study, you might need to recruit between 10-50 people. A quantitative study can have anywhere from 50-1,000. These numbers indicate that the recruiter is juggling a lot and patience is necessary so you don’t lose your marbles!

While it’s great to be recognized as a top market research recruiting firm, we are motivated to maintain our high standards because of our clients. We pride ourselves on supplying the people for your project, no matter how small or big.

To learn how we can help you fill a study, request a proposal today!