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It is important that you are comfortable speaking to one or more people who you’ve just met and to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas with them.
Sessions are led by moderators who are professionals within their chosen field, such as healthcare. Moderators are experienced at gathering the information that is needed for the research, so your job is to pay attention to their instructions and to go along with their requests. You can rest assured that they won’t ask you to do anything that is scary or difficult. They will help you participate in a way that is easy for you and useful to the research.
Your responsibility to the moderator then is to treat him or her with respect and to respond positively to their requests. In focus groups, you can expect to participate in conversations with other research participants like yourself. Depending on the study, the moderator may ask you to complete an activity, such as choosing pictures or filling out a worksheet. All activities will be carefully developed and easyfor you to complete.