Consumer Shopping Study – $100 for 90-minute Virtual Focus Group!

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We are holding a study on Consumer Shopping which is being held via an online focus group on Tuesday, July 21st at 6:30 pm CDT or Wednesday, July 22nd at 5:30 pm CDT. 

Should you both qualify for and fully participate in the online focus group, you will be sent a $100 check as a thank you for your participation.Please answer the following few questions to help us ensure your qualification for the research and that you are available to participate, on the specific day and time, in an online focus group.

Participating in an online focus group is easy and fun! You’ll need to have access to a quiet location with Internet and a camera-enabled laptop, desktop, or tablet. You’ll also need audio via your device which could be your laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, or landline. We find that participating via phone is often problematic as you’ll not be able to effectively participate given the screen size, so we do not recommend using a mobile phone.

The group session will last approximately an hour and a half.
No sales follow up will result from your participation in this research.

Please click here to begin our qualifying screener: