Does your child play ROBLOX? Awesome! We want to speak to them and pay you $75.00!- San Francisco and Minneapolis (18-147)

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Do you have a child ages 7 through 14 years old? Would they love to hear and learn about how games and apps are developed?

We have an exciting and fantastic educational opportunity where they can learn about video games! We need their opinions!

We are looking for children ages 7 through 14 (with parental consent of course!) who play the hot popular app call Roblox. (Check their phones, tablets or gaming system- it is probably already on there!)

From their website: “Roblox is the world’s largest social platform for play. We help power the imaginations of people around the world.” (

We are holding focus groups at a senior center in San Francisco California on Monday and Tuesday April 23rd and 24th and in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday, April 26th and Friday April 27th. They are being held right after school in a room in a senior center for San Francisco, and at a public library in Minneapolis!

If you are interested, fill out this link, and should you qualify, we will contact you and schedule you! Study Qualification Link